Muge Packaging cares for its customers that’s why we cater them with an outstanding quality of gift boxes to help them get out of the hassle of packing a gift from scratch. We provide our customers with all kinds of gift boxes, be it a pen, a teddy bear, apparel or money. We provide you with the best fit for your gifts and treats which will compliment your personality and will tighten your relationship with the person you are presenting your gift to.

10 Tips to Help You in Making your Own Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes range from card boxes to paper boxes, depending on your needs and taste. We use special machinery to compress the paper and card to get the right texture and shape of the boxes. Our team makes sure to deliver you with a high-quality product which is aesthetically pleasing and reliable overall. As our core principle is to maintain the quality and the reliability of our products to provide our customers with a comforting and reliable environment.

Tips for Making Gift Boxes

There are several ways to make your gifts look aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful at the same time by applying DIY tips to your boxes. Through these simple tips, you can make your gifts portray your feelings and take a new meaning altogether.

  1. Grab a coloured hard textured card sheet (12 X 12), scissors, glue, paintbrush, scale, pencil and a paper slicer
  2. Draw an X on the back of your paper from corner to corner (the meeting point of X should be in the middle of the paper to ensure the perfection of the measurement)
  3. Fold the edges of the paper in a way that all the edges meet the mid-point of X (Make sure that your paper is now in a diamond shape)
  4. Open up two sides (the bottom ones) and fold them further. Leaving two sides of the paper tucked in. the paper should now be in an oblong shape (one at the front and one at the bottom).
  5. Now open them up and fold them up in a triangular shape. (again in a diamond shape)
  6. Now you have to fold the tips of the paper. Open up the paper and fold the tips of the bottom and top flaps.
  7. Fold the side triangles in and fold the top smaller triangles over them (Each side looks like a boat now giving the paper a look of a square and diamond at the same time). You can see the edges of your boxes appearing
  8. Now apply glue on the sides of the flaps and glue them down
  9. Now glue up the bottom and the top of your box while holding up the sides. And glue the sides of the box.
  10. To make the lid of the box repeat the procedure. All you have to change is cut the paper by 1/8 and you will be good to go.

We understand that the process of making the gift boxes is a little overwhelming that’s why at Muge packaging’s we provide our customers with an amazing quality of products be it the card boxes, printing craft paper boxes, electrical packaging light face paper boxes or the usual paper boxes. We also cater customers who require gift boxes in bulk with outstanding quality and a follow-through approach.


Even though the packaging is considered to be a way of protecting the presents we are giving people but they also give things a new meaning because of the effort that is put in the thought and process itself of wrapping up the gifts. We introduced the gift boxes to help people in giving their gifts a novel and pleasing look with a hassle-free wrapping process. You can now get yourself a gift box as per your requirement and give your presentation without worrying about the packaging.

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