If you have a shoe business or are trying to give someone shoes as gifts, then you’re probably thinking about ways on how to pack them creatively. If you want to have ideas before you start making custom shoe packaging boxes, perhaps these amazing shoe packaging designs will inspire you:


Nike Air

Made from an air pillow as a packaging box, this will not only help you save on the material cost, but it will also allow you to emit that sense of simplicity, thus showcasing the beauty of the shoes instead. This makes this transparent packaging box one of a kind.

You can get your own transparent box. Like Nike, you can opt for the airbag. However, if you don’t have the budget, any transparent box will do. Just make sure that the box would look pleasant.


The Milli shoe box is popular because of its ingenuity when it comes to packaging their shoes. This is because their marketing designer packs their shoes in a box that portrays the shoes’ features. This makes each boxed shoes unique, thus making them appealing.

If you have your own line of shoes or are planning to give a specific set of shoes for a friend, you can add similar elements and features from the shoes to the box so that they’ll complement well.


Puma is one of the many brands that’s adopting an eco-friendly approach when packing their shoes. Instead of the usual plastic bag, they created the clever bag. They made their packaging design based on ecology and sustainability. What’s great about this is that the receiver of the bag can reuse it again.

If you have reusable bags at home that you can personalize, then you can use them to pack the shoes. If you have a business, there are already a lot of eco-friendly options that you can choose from in the market for packaging items.


If you want to play a little prank, then Rebook has a funny and ingenious way of packing their shoes. Instead of directly placing the shoes inside the box, they attach the shoes on the lid instead, so when the receiver opens it, they’ll get confused at first, then be surprised once he flips the lid over.

You can follow Reebok’s idea and even put a twist of your own. In this way, you’re not only being original but fun as well.


If you want a cooler and personalized approach to packing the shoes, then Vans’ way of doing their packing is by encasing their shoes in a trapezoid-shaped box that’s been decorated with the 60s and 70s design. It’s definitely a creative way of showing how hip the brand is.

Showcase your creativity by creating your own designs. You can take inspiration from Vans or make your own by adding elements that are personal to you.


Who could forget Converse? They’re one of the most famous brands when it comes to shoes. They too have their own way of creating creative packaging designs. They have their triangular shoe boxes wherein if you put 5 of them together, you’ll form the popular Converse star.

You can opt for other shapes here and not just follow Converse. There are a lot of custom shoe packaging boxes that you can experiment with, so you have a lot of options.

These are some of the most creative ways to pack shoes. You can use the ideas above or do your own personalization to create a much more unique way of packing shoes.

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