Have you caught yourself buying a box of doughnuts because you find the box so cute? Don’t worry! You are not the only one who does that!


Businesses spend some time, budget, and effort to make incredible cardboard box with window because it is part of marketing. It is not new anymore, and everyone is aware of that. Although people are living in the digital age, printed materials like brochures, postcards, business cards, menus, and of course, printed boxes are still effective today.

How Packaging Affects Marketing and Consumers’ Mood

Quality over quantity. That’s the goal of every business. There are many competitive companies in the market. All of them will do their best to prove their services and products are the best.

An article titled “The Psychology of Product Packaging,” written by Megan Sullivan mentions that producing quality products/services, is just part of the process. Yes, it is a significant task. However, when it comes to selling it, you need an effective strategy – one of them is making eye-catching packaging.

Packaging should be the one to speak for your product. Believe it or not, making a funny and stunning packaging is an old trick or marketing and sales to convince people to buy the products.

For example, you are not a fan of alcohol. But you want to give gifts to your relatives who love wine. Of course, you want to give a special wine. Since you are not an alcoholic person, how can you decide which wine to buy in the grocery?

Admit it or not, since your goal is to give a unique one, you will base your decision on the packaging. Yes, you will ask for some salesmen about their recommendations. Among the suggestions they will give, there is higher you choose the one with fancy packaging.

Why People Tricked by Packaging?

A study published in 2013 found out an appealing product packaging may trigger impulsive buying. This study may explain why some of your friends suddenly buy items that they don’t intend to purchase.

Technology evolves from time to time. It also affects the audience behaviour. Since social media channels become a useful tool for marketing, many start-ups have taken advantage of the opportunity. Maybe soon, most tasks are going digital. However, some traditional trick of marketing will never retire, just like designing the packaging.

Small to medium enterprises create attractive cardboard box with window, so they can present their products well. Although consumers know what they are selling, many of them are still curious to open that box. With that, they end up purchasing the box of doughnuts.

The same goes for jewellery shops. Diamonds and other accessories are indeed beautiful, that’s why many women are attracted to it. The price of most items like these items is high, and this is the reason why they hesitate to buy it.

Now, how can you convince them to buy it? You may think of raffle or announcing a discount on some items. But the simplest way to entice to make an attractive box because it triggers curiosity.

Conceptualizing a packaging design plays an important role. Think about the time when you were excited to open a Christmas gift during your childhood days. The way the gift was wrapped may affect your mood and even trigger your excitement.

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