When it comes to business, the packaging is always an important part of the marketing process. It is the key to effective branding, expanding your market, and maximizing revenues. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to select the right custom printed corrugated boxes for your brand.


Know your product.

What is your product for? Who is the focus of your market? For example, if your products’ consumers are mostly kids and the young generation, choose brightly colored boxes that may remind them of happiness. Also, you can manipulate the font style used in the box for it to look more jolly and appealing for your market. On a recent study, it is revealed that kids tend to love and be attracted to reading letters with bold fonts and rounded edges.

Moreover, if your product is used for daily consummation, for example, you could add layout logos or cartoons that are in-trend that would motivate kids to use them always and stick to them every time.

Choose your box.

What type of box would appeal more to your prospect customers? Would it be the one with a baggy-type of handle or just an ordinary type of flip-open box? One of the most common types of box used in packaging is the corrugated box. It is the standard type with four flips at both ends. When choosing a good box, know that if your market is focused on women, the baggy-typed handle would be very much appealing, and if it is focused on men, a flip-open box would do.

Think of your design.

On a recent study, the designs that cause a trend in the market are those made of classic materials and famous illustration references. With that, you can use Van Gogh’s works as the backdrop (even Da Vinci’s and a hundred more artists’). You could also use pastel colors as the main backdrop of the layout as they are pleasing in the eyes and would not overpower the logos and texts that you would want to emphasize.

Choose a box that keeps your product safe.

A product packing box is not a good one if it doesn’t really protect your product inside. This is among the most important points you need to remember when choosing a box for your brand. To make sure you’re choosing the right box, give it a test first and see how it goes.

Add your personal touch.

Do not be afraid to try to give your product’s look a hint of your own taste. Yes, it is a must to put customers’ preferences first if you want to have a sales blast, but know that if you aren’t comfortable with what your product looks like, it won’t work. Making your product a bit personal may make your product look graceful and with passion. This is what most brands do to attract the masses.

Being an entrepreneur will be much more fun and exciting if you love doing it and if you start looking at each tiny detail personally. Your product represents you and your company. Make your packaging good and make your product even better!

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