Child-resistant Tin Box For Cannabis Edible & Joint

Child-resistant Tin Box For Cannabis Edible & Joint

A tin box is a tinplate container. It’s a discreet and vintage packaging solution for cannabis products. Some brands and customers are big fans of products stored in tin containers, especially cigarettes and joints. A well-designed and printed tin box are genuinely classic and eyecatching in a dispensary.

How to order

1, Provide the products information
2, Packaging sample design
3, Packaging samples free proofing
4, Send sample proof confirmation
5, Mass production according to confirmed sample
6, On time delivery


Child-resistant Tin Box For Cannabis-related Products

Tin can packaging is never a new thing in the cannabis packaging world.

You can see cannabis edibles, mints, gummies, pre-roll joints, and blunts packed in a weed tin box in a dispensary.

With standardization in the cannabis industry, child-resistant tin boxes have become a new demand for some brands. That’s why we bring this packaging solution.