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We are MugePackaging, Discover the Possibilities of Custom Packaging.

Specializing in Apparel, Cosmetic, Food, Electronics, Gift, Retail, auto parts and Pharmaceutical packaging, Shenzhen Muge Design Packaging Product Co., Ltd. understands packaging sells. Our first class facilities and wonderful team has unmatched service feature your packaging, so as to ensure to give you value-added solutions for your paper packaging needs.

Custom Design

Portray your vision of the packaging you need and we will present you with our best available solutions.

Customer Relations

We dedicate every planning, strategy and improvement around the needs of our customers.


Choose the type of paper, its thickness, colour and add a matt or glossy finish standard.
Why Choose Us?
Shenzhen Muge Design Packaging Product Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in China.
We are specialized in the research, development and production of plastic boxes, folding boxes, plastic folding boxes, transparent boxes, PVC box, PET box, PP box and other printing products.
Our luxury gift boxes have been used by many leading beauty brands such as L’Oreal, Elemis, Finders, Cowshed, Coty, Body Shop, The Perfume Shop and Estee Lauder to present their skincare and beauty gift sets.
Our Expertise
100% High Quality, 2500+ Plenty Inventory.
24/7 Online Service, 1-1 Specific Solution Support
10,000+ Customers Trusted, 200+ Countries Covered


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