There are many different styles of boxes that you can find. Paper Drawer gift boxes have been trendy these days. It is the kind of box that appears as a handy tray with drawer design. Drawer boxes have the advantage of being having quick and easy opening and closing and also provides strength and protection to the product.


Custom packaging boxes have gained popularity because it offers freedom to the clients. By having a customized packaging box, you will be able to add your personal style. Custom drawer boxes are deluxe ways to package single products. It creates focus on the product inside. Custom paper drawer boxes are ideal to use as a gift box because it adds to the excitement of opening a gift. Imagine pulling the inner tray outwards and reveals something that you would love; it is great!

For you to ensure that you have the right custom paper drawer gift box, here are some ways that you can do:

Take it one step at a time

Things that have been well-thought usually come out excellent. When you customize your paper drawer gift boxes, be sure that you have thought of the concept that you want. You need to define your box well as it will reflect on the message that your company wants to bring. You can make use of the internet and find ideas depending on your style.

Moreover, you also need to know your audience. Take note that your market is the one you need to consider and not your personal preference. If your target market are females, make sure that the colors and designs you choose will suit them.

Size matters

We all know that when it comes to packaging, size is a big thing. You just need a box that will be enough for your product. You don’t want a big box with a tiny product inside; it will cost you more than you know. Always take into account the sizes of the products that you want to contain. Also, make sure that the size of your box can be friendly to your target market.

Mind the paper thickness

Not everyone will talk about this, but the paper thickness of a packaging box can affect its performance. Take note that the thickness of the box also relates to its size. If products are big and bulky, the boxes are usually thick. Make sure that you are using the right thickness that can fit your product. Moreover, if it will be shipped or stacked, make sure that the box can still retain its quality through the process.

Balance your design

The design always depends on your theme or style. If you want glowing or luxurious looking boxes, you can opt for silver or gold colors. The correct mix of colors can bring you ahead of the game. Moreover, the design doesn’t only refer to colors but also texts, pictures, and arrangements. If you have the time, you can conduct feedback or surveys from your target market.

Mugepackaging is one reliable site that can help you in creating the right custom paper drawer gift box. With the right idea and help that you can get, surely you can make it perfect.

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