In the past, electronic products and devices were packed in basic packaging of brown corrugated boxes, bubble wrap for shock support, and the occasional brand logo or product photo. These days, packaging is already considered an important part of the marketing process. In this article, we will take you closer to understanding how custom electronic packaging boxes can make a difference for your brand.


Unlike in the years past, today’s electronic packaging has changed, embracing the slick, minimalistic design that one of the biggest tech giants, Apple, is known for. The results are true eye-candy packaging that match the products, make them look more coveted, and a stand out in a sea of electronic products.

The Fundamental Characteristics of Electronic Packaging

To start, let us take a look at the fundamental characteristics of electronic packaging design needs to have. First, it has to have protective properties so your products are safe. The boxes are designed and produced for enclosures of electronic devices and always put high value for protection against different things that can affect the function of these products. Some of the things these boxes can protect gadgets from include: mechanical damage, radio frequency noise emission, cooling, weather (too hot or getting drenched from the rain), and electrostatic discharge.

In getting custom electronic packaging boxes, these are the objectives and practical considerations:

  • Hazards that the product needs to be protected against
  • Heat dissipation requirements
  • Tradeoffs of tooling capital cost and per-unit cost
  • Supplier capacity and availability
  • Aesthetics and other brand marketing considerations

How Electronics Packaging Has Matured

As earlier stated, the field of electronics packaging has vastly improved and evolved over the past decades. It is safe to say that this is a form of maturity. Just consider how your old analog television came into your house – in a bulky brown cardboard box most probably. You could not care less about what happens to the box after you take the television set out and the bubble wrap and styro for shock absorption are also gone for good right after the kids played with them. There was no sense of excitement then.

These days though, you have your packaging more consumer-friendly and admittedly more beautiful. Manufacturers of these electronic devices have realized that the way they package their devices also affect how people perceive their overall performance. The packaging is an integral part of the look and feel of the product.

Taking iMac G3 and Colors into Electronic Packaging Boxes

Apple is considered a trend-setter when it comes to reinventing the packaging of electronic devices. In 1998, they put beauty and design on top of the game when they introduced the 1998 iMac G3. They showed consumers how they can do away with the brown cardboard boxes, and use colorful designs with shiny and bright pictures in displaying products. Not to be missed is the iconic company logo. Other brands new they need to level up their packaging game and has since worked hard to imitate what Apple has done.

Being an entrepreneur will be more fun and exciting if you can give your product a head start in terms of packaging. From custom clothing packaging boxes to Christmas gift boxes, your packaging can make your brand stand out. Choose ones that will serve a great purpose in protecting your merchandise and raise your marketing bar higher.

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