There are different types of mugs that you can find all over the place. There are glass, porcelain, ceramics, and even plastic mugs. The different kinds of mugs also appear in different sizes and shapes that can be packaged in different ways. There are several custom mug corrugated boxes available in the market.


Packaging plays an essential role in any product. The packaging does not only give a highlight on the graphics design and the appeal it can bring the customers, but it also gives importance to the protection of the product. Packaging mugs is particularly essential to protect and preserve the fragility of the product. For every product, it is vital to maintain its integrity. When you want to find the best custom mug corrugated boxes, you need to take note of various things.

First of all, you need to take note of the size, material, and shape of your mug. For you to find the best custom mug corrugated box, it should be able to contain your product and can be utilized well. It is always possible to have custom dimensions for your boxes, and it’s a good thing because it can go with the way you like it. You have the freedom to create or choose from dozens of shaped boxes for different sizes of mugs and even accessories.

Second, the graphics design of the box should go with the mug itself. The design of the box is the first thing that the customers will see. Packaging design is a huge factor for both product originality and sales performance. The graphics design of the box is a message for consumers to convince them about buying the product. The graphics design needs to convey honesty and authenticity to the product.

Moreover, it should also be clear and aligned with what your product is featuring. If your mug is for business purposes, it should also embody formal feels. If your mug is for gift purposes, the graphics design of your box should be friendly and warm.

Lastly, the most critical part of custom mug corrugated boxes is the protection it can offer the product. We all know that corrugated boxes offer excellent quality protection; it is just essential to take note of what flute type you will be using. Maintaining the integrity of the product is a must, especially for fragile items.

Muge Packaging offers custom mug corrugated boxes that are high-quality that can fit any mug and easy to accumulate. Some skilled designers can help you design your boxes and have the short lead time on your orders. You can also add your personalized logos for better product identification. Glossy lamination is also available, which will give your box a more appealing presentation. All you have to do is provide certain information, confirm samples, set time for delivery, and there you all go. Muge Packaging will ensure that that you will have the best custom mug corrugated boxes you’ve ever wanted.

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